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In the 19th century local studies appealed to an increasingly large range of people, including middle-class readers and participants. This was reflected in the establishment of numbers of local groups and organisations, some still in being, and which began the regular publication of county journals and other historical and archaeological records. The oldest of these is the forerunner of the publisher of this site, the Oxfordshire Architectural and Historical Society, which began life in 1839. Its Proceedings were published until 1900, and its present journal Oxoniensia, the principal Oxfordshire publication on archaeology, architecture and history, from 1936. Find an index of articles in Oxoniensia here. Digitised versions of the first 70 volumes are expected to be published online during 2010 and hard copies can be viewed at The Centre for Oxfordshire Studies. Another 19th century creation was the North Oxfordshire Archaeological Society, based in Banbury. It published Reports and Transactions from 1856, and became the Oxfordshire Archaeological Society in 1887. Items published in these early volumes are picked up by Cordeaux and Merry in their Oxfordshire bibliography.

In Berkshire the first county historical body was the Berkshire Ashmolean Society in 1840, but it published only 3 volumes. More lasting was the Berkshire Archaeological Society , founded 1871 and since 1878 publishing Transactions, with various subsequent titles including, from 1930, the Berkshire Archaeological Journal. In west Berkshire, the Newbury and District Field Club began in 1870, publishing Transactions until 1991. It illustrates how history, archaeology and natural history have often been linked at local level.

Another strand in printed history was the publication of texts of original documents. This was the purpose of the Oxfordshire Record Society, founded 1919 (see ORS Publications at January 2010) and the Oxford Historical Society, founded 1884 (see Oxford Historical Society List of Publications). The Berkshire Record Society was established in 1993 'to print scholarly editions of important documents on the history of Berkshire'. To date 13 volumes and an historical atlas have been produced, some of which cover aspects of the pre-1974 Berkshire boundary. Details can be viewed at the website. 

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