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A selected range of general works on Oxfordshire and Berkshire, and on Oxford and the University


The most recent, brief history of the county (post-1974 boundary)  is M.Graham, Diverse Oxfordshire. The County and its People (published by The Registration Service of Oxfordshire County Council, 2010), pp. 1-31. This is reproduced by kind permission of the author and publisher.


The most useful single volume histories of Oxfordshire are:

M.Jessup, A History of Oxfordshire (1975, in the Darwen County History series)

F.Emery, The Oxfordshire Landscape (1974, in The Making of the English Landscape series)

Although published some time ago they have not been superseded. A parallel volume for Berkshire is:

J.Hunter, A History of Berkshire (1995, in the Darwen County History series)


County historical atlases have added useful distillations of recent research across a wide range of archaeology and history:

J.Dils (ed.), An Historical Atlas of Berkshire (Berkshire Record Society, 1998; second edition in preparation)

K.Tiller (ed.), An Historical Atlas of Oxfordshire (Oxfordshire Record Society, forthcoming November 2010)


Two good discussions of Oxfordshire history by period are:

M.Henig and P.Booth, Roman Oxfordshire (2000)

J.Blair, Anglo Saxon Oxfordshire (1994)


A helpful single volume history of the University is provided by:

J.Prest (ed.), The Illustrated History of Oxford University (1993)


For Oxford an invaluable reference is :

C.Hibbert (ed.), The Encyclopaedia of Oxford (1988)


The most recent single volume survey of archaeology is:

G.Briggs, J.Cook, and T.Rowley, The Archaeology of the Oxford Region (1986)

A series of current regional overviews is provided by the Solent Thames Archaeological Research Framework  reports. Both cover the post-1974 county area.


A key resource for Oxfordshire history, including Oxford, are the parish and town histories in the Victoria County History (VCH), Vol.3 onwards and still in progress. For discussion of coverage and links to online volumes, see published histories, VCH section of this site. For volumes online see here. 


For the Berkshire VCH, covered in 4 volumes published 1906, 1907, 1923 and 1924, see Published Histories, Victoria County History. For volumes online see here.


A key resource for the history of Oxford University, including its links with the locality, are the 8 volumes of The History of the University of Oxford


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