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Types of historical map include:

Estate Maps                                                   

These maps were largely hand-drawn manuscript and frequently colourful to distinguish boundaries and highlight particular aspects. When these were produced there was rarely a comparable scale or standard set of symbols used in their production. They were the product of landowners requiring a pictorial representation of their holdings with a few of the earliest surviving from late Medieval times and were largely redundant with the introduction of the Ordnance Survey. A list of Estate maps up to 1850 held at the Bodleian Library can be viewed here. 

County Maps                           View image of Bowen's County map 1777

Bowen's Map of Oxfordshire 1777.jpg
The earliest county maps date from the sixteenth century with Saxton’s map series.
Oxfordshire was part of a three county map with neighbouring Berkshire and Buckinghamshire dated 1570. Over the next 300 years a range of county based maps were produced, largely by private enterprise. A variety of such maps are held by the Oxfordshire Record Office and Bodleian Library.


Tithe Maps                             

Tithe maps exist where enclosure awards had not commuted the tithes. Detailed surveys, measurement, mapping and land use was recorded with map and tithe award being the product. The Tithe Commutation Act 1836 was the catalyst for the production of detailed, accurate maps produced to a set high standard. Oxfordshire tithe maps can be viewed in the Oxfordshire Studies Library.


Denchworth enclosure.jpgEnclosure Maps
                      View image of Denchworth enclosure map

Many maps relating to parliamentary enclosure survive from the period 1760 to the mid-nineteenth century. Accompanied by the relevant award document they detail land ownership and occupation at an important time in Oxfordshire history. They are local in nature, relating to the area of enclosure that was normally at parish or township level. Berkshire Records Office have digitized all enclosure maps and awards including the Vale of the White Horse under the New Landscapes project.


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