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Introductory books about historical map

JB Harley, Maps for the Local Historian – A guide to the British Sources, (London: National Council for Social Service, 1972)

Paul Hindle, Maps for Historians, (Chichester: Phillimore,1998)

Richard R Oliver, Ordnance Survey Maps – a Concise Guide for Historians (2nd Ed.),  (London: Charles Close Society, 2005)

E. Burden, Printed Maps of Berkshire, 1574-1900, (4 vols. 1988-1997)  

Oxfordshire County Council, A Handlist of Plans, Sections and Books for Reference for the Proposed Railways in Oxfordshire, 1825-1936, (Oxford: 1983)

A review of map types with other useful information can be found at the Nottinghamshire County Council website



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