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Barbara Allison of the Wychwoods Local History Society describes the current work being undertaken in transcribing probate documents in the Wychwood area.

“About 6 years ago, Mary Hodges started a group to transcribe the probate documents for Burford, to assist the VCH. A few years earlier, Adrienne Rosen had done the same with a group in Chipping Norton, though without the VCH connection. The Burford group is called the Burford Probate Group and the CN one the CN Historical Research Group.

The BPG has finished the transcriptions up to 1700 and has now started on 18th C ones. I think the CNHRG is at the same stage. Hard copies of the CN transcripts to 1700 are in the ORO - a point well worth making in your website, as they are accessible for anyone to use. The Burford transcripts will be available on line, via the VCH EPE website, and in the ORO, hopefully by the summer.

Some members of the BPG have gone on to transcribe the Henley probate documents, and have helped to provide background research for the VCH. The same outcome is planned: transcripts on the website, hard copies in the ORO, and subject to approval, disks available to any researchers.

The latest project is to transcribe the Wychwood’s probate documents, funded by the Wychwoods Local History Society, and unconnected with the VCH. The townships covered are Shipton, Ascot and Milton -u-W, Lyneham, Bruern, and Leafield. The new group has members from the WLHS, the CNHRS, BPG and beyond.

So you could say that there are active groups transcribing a lot of areas in Oxon. I co-ordinate the Henley and the Wychwoods groups. If you need contacts for the Burford and CN groups let me know. I should say that Mary has also led groups which transcribed the documents for Woodstock and Thame.”

Contact details for the Wychwoods LocalHistory Society can be found in the ‘Get Involved’ section of the website.

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