You are here: Noticeboard ยป Major archaeological excavations ongoing in Oxfordshire

There are currently three exciting projects underway in the county: A site at Crowmarsh has yielded much of interest and has a project underway: the Burh to Borough Project - a major three-year research programme which has received a quarter-million pound grant. For further details see The Wallingford Archaeological and Historical website here. 

A site at Frilford/Marcham, known as the Vale and Ridgeway Project is an Iron Age settlement which is overlain by a Romano-British temple complex and has been ongoing since 2001. Further details can be viewed here. 

Dorchester-on-Thames is a key site in British history. It was a prestigious ceremonial centre in the Neolithic and Bronze Age, and is highly unusual in having important Iron Age, Roman and Anglo-Saxon towns in a single place which has suffered remarkably little damage from development. Excavations continue here in 2010 and more can be found out about the developments so far here.


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