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This site has been developed under the auspices of the Oxfordshire Architectural and Historical Society, and funded by them, the Helen Roll Charitable Trust and the Greening Lamborn Trust. It is hosted by the Faculty of History, University of Oxford. The project manager for OAHS, and principal author was Dr Kate Tiller, assisted by Angela Davis and Shaun Morley. The site was designed by the Technology Assisted Lifelong Learning unit (TALL) at Oxford University Department for Continuing Education and developed by Sophie Clarke.


If you have any comments or corrections please contact us at

Donations towards the work of the Greening Lamborn Trust are always welcome.

If you would like to make a gift, this can be done simply by writing a cheque made payable to the ‘Greening Lamborn Trust’ and sending it marked for the attention of the Clerk to the Trustees at HMG LAW LLP, 126 High Street, Oxford OX1 4DG. The amount given may qualify for one off donation tax relief if the donor is a UK taxpayer and files a Tax Return.

In the case of a legacy by Will, the following form of words should be used:

‘I GIVE free of tax or duty arising in respect of my death to the Greening Lamborn Trust (Registered Charity Number 309658) the sum of ----------- pounds (£--------) for its charitable purposes absolutely’.


This website was developed by Oxfordshire Architectural and Historical Society and the authors of the content. It is hosted by the History Faculty of the University of Oxford.

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